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With Desert Crest Financial

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A complimentary Discovery Meeting with Us

Individuals and families Henderson, NV Desert Crest Financial


  • Those Experiencing life changes (retiring, death of a loved one, etc)
  • Retirees and Surviving Spouses
  • Families caring for a loved one with special needs
Conversations Henderson, NV Desert Crest Financial


A brief conversation to learn about your life and goals and to share more about how we can help

Financial Partner Henderson, NV Desert Crest Financial


To discover if we’re a fit to work together

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We Encourage You to Reach Out If…

You’re going through a life change.

We specialize in partnering with individuals who are in a pivotal life moment. Whether you’re going through divorce, you have recently lost your spouse, or experiencing any other shift, we help you move ahead into your life’s next steps.

You have a family member with special needs.

You’re up against a unique set of challenges, among them being the complex landscape of federal and state benefits. We work with you to coordinate your benefits, savings, insurance and more to secure your future and that of your loved one.

Take the First Step

The purpose of this preliminary, complimentary conversation is to share more about how we work, learn about what you’re looking for, and ultimately decide if we will continue to work together.

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